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Welcome at AS Laurea

AS Laurea offers hand and arm protection with their own registered Brand DIGNUS®. 
Developing a range of hand and arm protection solutions for Industrial - and Healthcare professionals, with high quality and superior comfort.

AS Laurea’s vision is to create an optimal protection against any hazards people or products are exposed to by striving for the highest possible product quality and comfort one can think of. 

There are many applications which need personal or product protection to which optimum protection is needed. Our experience in the PPE industry will help to solve almost any problem, with adequate and professional advice. One of our specific principles to ensure a constant product quality is: Loyalty. 

Our principles which will make our visions come true, are: 

  • Strong customer service 
  • High product quality levels
  • Very strong loyalty towards our suppliers and customers 

Crazy about Gloves, serious about people.